Schichtwechsel (2009/2010)

Eine Anatomie in Schichten und Röhren

in collaboration with Natascha Moschini

A dance performance on the pronouncement of an anatomy of layers and tubes:

Layers are a membrane of existence, they encircle, cover, and protect. They are multifaceted in form, material, and numbers. Layerscould be stapled, rearranged, and varnished.

Tubes can be everted and therefore are the connection between inside and outside, of layer and in-between-layer, of time and space,from madness to realism.

We tube us into a dream and confirm it as reality.

„Let's start together!“ „Shall we date within our dream?“


- putting a spell on reality by reclaiming otherness in actu.


Built with

Antje Prust